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902 R, Girnar, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, UP
About Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal is a social activist who is a alumnus of IIT Kharagpur. He is a active leader in the Anna Hazare party. He received Ramon Magsaysay Award for his social activities. He started the Aam Admi Party on 26 November 2012. He also hold the position in Indian Revenue Service till 2006 and after he gave resignation and formed a NGO. He support many movement which was started by Anna Hazare in India. These movements include the Indian anti-corruption movement, Right to Information and Jan Lokpal Bill etc. The contact information like email address, telephone number, website and postal cum official address of Arvind Kejriwal is mentioned in below section.
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902 R, Girnar, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, UP
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Reviews of Arvind Kejriwal
Mr. Ashok Kumar Garg States
May 01, 2013
His Movements against Corruption Requires more Motivation among the Public. He has to come in Public with Practical Ideas. He should be more interactive with the common man. His meetings with the public should be more easy. He should requires the Quality of Leadership. like him a good Honest Person and a Patriot. I wish to meet him and wants to do work against Corruption which has become a uncontrolable Cancer. I wish him every Success in his life. May long live Arvind.
Mr. Shiv Ram Gupta States
Jun 02, 2013
Sh. Kejriwal is a sincear son of Bharat Mata.His efforts will must make india corruption free nation and will be able to make this country worlds power and other nations will have great respect for India and Indians.India is a land of Saints and people will follow him.I am true follower of Sh.Arvind Kejriwal.I have voluntorily retired from Central Excise and Customs Department.Now I want to work as social worker for removing corrupt actvities in society.He is sent by God for removing darkness of corruption.Iwant to join him.
Mr. Ayush Jain States
Jun 06, 2013
Mr. Arvind Kejriwal-a deadly honest person who has actually made something happen by shaking the roots of Indian politics and very soon going to do some wonders.Sir u r a man of honour and a symbol of hard work and honesty.May God bless u in all ur endeavours.we are always at help for u.this is Ayush from NLIU BHOPAL My email
Mr. Shubhang States
Jun 27, 2013
AAM aadmi party should mark a day in calender and called it "Salute Day"

What we do in delhi, we go to all the defense services centers like tuglakabad and subhrato park. We salute all the defense service man and asked for a compensation given to people involved in the rescue operation.

Please please convey this idea to Arvind.
Mr. Shashi Bhushan States
Aug 04, 2013
Arvind Sir, you are like a true hero who is not leaving any stone unturned to save the nation from the claws of corrupt & antinational politicians.We really look upto you & support you from the bottom of our heart.
Mr. Rajindar Opal States
Aug 13, 2013
Arvindji is maverick and has impressed me so much that Being an ex- Indian Army Officer living abroad, I have decided to fly back to Delhi in November to HELP HIM in any way
He wishes me to, in the Delhi State Elections.

This is a life time desire of mine to once again serve the country of my origin. So Arvindji give me an opportunity to serve this great cause by instructing me " WHEN AND WHERE TO REPORT FOR DUTY"

Eagerly awaiting to hear from you at""

Ex-capt. Rajindar Opal , 5 MARATHA LIGHT INFANTRY
Mr. Hemant Singh States
Aug 15, 2013
Sir waiting for the day when we can challenge to any of the country that "Yes we proud to be an Indian". I am highly impressed with your sincerity and honesty towards the Nation.. Prior to this I never believe in any party. I usually do not use my vote. I was a Banker and have left the job because of the greedy system. I am very enthusiastic and want to do something for my country. Believe me sir after your entrance I am now confident that now things can be change. Please give me a chance I will dedicate my whole life for my country.
Mr. Ismail Godh States
Aug 20, 2013
I want Kejriwal to become Prime Minister of India and change the whole Constitution, which will be more suitable for young modern India in the 22nd century.
the old constitution is obsolete and unfit for a republic having 1.2 billion population which speaks more than 1000 languages.
Dr. Ambedkar was educated in England and he copied the English Constitution of Prime Minister controlled cabinet in lok sabha & rajya sabha, but he & Nehru failed to understand that England is a small country with one language and only 50 million educated population.
Mr. Shankar Pandit States
Sep 01, 2013
Dear Sir,
I wants to become a part of your mission which is corruption free India. I am not sure that i am a perfect person in politics but i know very well that how to change politics system. So please contact me as soon as possible at my phone number +918171735700. I have already submit my membership form at your registered office (Ground floor, A-119, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, UP, 201010.)
Mr. Yogendra Singh States
Sep 27, 2013
Arvindji, I am highly inspired by you. whatever your fight against corruption, I am with you. I became very disappointed with our government as well as private organizations, there is one who doesn't want to do any thing for people whereas other's motive is to gain profit without considering the interest of people. I am thankful to you that you have started to abolish such evil from the society.
Mr. S.KOHLi States
Oct 09, 2013
he is really a great man.A true son of India.His efforts against coruption will definately bring positive results one day.God give him long life for that we all pray.
Mr. Ajay Gauba States
Oct 16, 2013
An honest,courageous and determined person who I am sure will bring about a real change in the country.Every body should support him.I wish him luck.
Oct 18, 2013
I'm rajesh kakade from phandharpur maharastra
Sir, your activitis against corruption is very good i impressed. I want to join AAP & i want to share with you each & every movement against corroption. THANK YOU
Mr. J S RANA States
Oct 19, 2013
Dear sir there will be full support from our side in vidhan sabha election to your aap candidate col sherawat retd from mahipalpur constituency new delhi. I want that there should be change in delhi this time. I am available on telephone call during election. My name joginder singh rana ex air force. Mobno .
Oct 20, 2013
Dear mr. Kejriwal please ensure following if you get voted to power. . Five working days week for all those working with private sectors in delhi. Where are they iincluding me left with any time for my personal life sir should sadhanbecom sadhya. Ban on cast and religion based matrimonial advertisements in india. Introduction of strict law in connection with control of population. Growing population is the main cause of all problems. Facilities of old homes for those who never bothered for increasing earths population and saving environment. Special treatment for those who are not mentally sick and believe in concept of god. Teaching people of the world that religious and patriotic people are violent and need to be de programmed of their mental ego. Regards.
Ms. Deepika Agarwal States
Oct 20, 2013
Hello arvind i am a great fan of yours. Kind of determined person you are i am very impressed. Please let me know how can i join your party. Regardsdeepika.
Mr. Manoj bisht States
Oct 21, 2013
We have a corruption news related BSES east delhi,where the company send the wrong bill to their consumers.

I have a points that how that they cheat with their consumers with their great software.

Kindly contact us 9711533735/01203395216
Oct 23, 2013
Sir, You have started a noble movement and this is going to be great success.
Ms. rain States
Oct 24, 2013
I dont understand wht is standard english anyways keep on doing noble job thats enough.congratulations.
Oct 25, 2013
I Want to contribute my services for your motive.
Please let me know how i can join your ARMY against corruption? Sir i want to change the picture of INDIA where children and infants are not dying with hunger,not sleeping on garbage.please help me out as i need your guidence to achive it.
Mr. vaddi. Mallikarjuna Prasad States
Oct 26, 2013
Mr. kejriwal you are the oxyzen to the indian Democrcy.

save india from these politicians , save india from these corrupted politics. Don't go back from this politics eventhough problems arised. Save the nation
and save the future Generation.

Vaddi.Mallikarjuna Prasad. BA.LLB, Advocate
cell;- 9440460503
Mr. jitender singh States
Oct 28, 2013
I Want to contribute my services for your motive. Please let me know how i can join your ARMY against corruption? Sir i see on tv you tell about right to recall and want to change the picture of INDIA where children and infants are not dying with hunger,not sleeping on garbage.please help me out as i need your guidence to achive it.
Mr. A. Kumar States
Oct 31, 2013
Respected Shri Arvind Kejriwal Sb,
We people of India are very much glad to have such a very honest man like you. Sir, on occassion of Deepawali festival I pray to god for your healthy and prosperious Deepawali to you and your family known as AAM ADAMI PARTY. I wanted to say many thing but only few words which might be help you to put up matter among the people on this election and on this festival of Laxmai i.e. Deepawali.

Sir, I have noted that many people running around the Government Offices to handover GIFTs to their well wisher Officer. You may raise this question in your Assembly Election. Ministers office are fully involve to handover gifts to their VIPs representatives and others. One Great leader having many posts belonging from the ruling party using Government Man Power and money to give the gifts to their well wishers. The building of Central Ministries/State Ministries are the main centre of giving and taking the G ifts.Security Agencies are not checking GIFTs.
Mr. Dinesh Kumar States
Nov 05, 2013
He is the only Honest person in current Indian Politics and he only can make this country corruption free. I Hearty Love and Respect him and his movement. I don't know why Indian public is not understanding him. He has not done any fraud/cheat with Anna Ji, I don't no why Anna Ji also not understanding him even their aim is same. I request Anna Ji and his team to work jointly with Arvind Ji for a corruption free India. Arvind Ji has not make AAP for money, remember he has resigned from such a post where a lot of money is available on a single call in India. I prays almighty God to give full success to Arvind Sir for a corruption free and bright India. We Indians wants a corruption free India but we are not supporting the person who is fighting for this. Indian Media is also pulling Arvind Ji only, why Media is asking/raising so many questions to Arvind Ji only, why not to other Politician who have loot this countries poor and innocent public. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, jai Arvind Ji.
Mr. Pulakesh Ghorai States
Nov 06, 2013
What is different to AM Admi Party from other so called secular party while Kejriwal has started communal politics by appealing religious group who preach "fotua" against those writers who express their personal views about certain religion. Are you not spreading communal-ism in fighting corruption.
Correct your politics.
Mr. hari prasad lara States
Nov 07, 2013
Excess of every thing is bad. Arvind kejriwalji is hesitate for votes. Why meet with tokir raja. Before meeting findout his history. Twelve months clean image is destroyed.
Mr. Peter Lamin States
Nov 08, 2013
Arvin sir, We love you and wish you all the best in your strive for a better india if not the best at first. I would be happy to be of any use of your party. My id pldumyahoo. Com.
Mr. Raj kumar States
Nov 09, 2013
I rajkumar , I sport your aam adami party .I want to join ur party. I follow and agree your terms and I want all the updates of ur party.
Mr. Raj kumar States
Nov 09, 2013
Iam rajkumar from hodal distic palwal. I sport your aam adami party .I want to join party. I follow and agree your terms and I want all the utes of ur party.
Mr. Kedarnath Jha States
Nov 19, 2013
I am very happily we do welcome in government of delhi that you and your party is a famous all over india but why are u not racing election all over india, I know that about election your community but we could try everything.
Mr. Ex Hav Dharmveer States
Nov 28, 2013
Arvind Kejriwal is honest person. His moments against corruption and corrupted political system. Govt has not pass the Janlokpal Bill after the Anahajare Ansan on Ramlila ground (Aug kranti). Arvind Kejriwal made AAP for fights against all above issues. I am recently Voluntary retired form Army and I want to do work with Kejriwal Sir. Corrupted Political system is more dangerous to Enemy (Pakistan or Pakistan sported terrorist). Army life was disciplined and I want to do work with disciplined person (Kejriwal Sir). Jia Hind.
Mr. Capt. N. Shekhar States
Dec 10, 2013
Dear Mr. Kejriwal,

Congratulations on your first win. On efeather on your cap.
My advise to you as follows;
1. do not join hands with any party .
2. start identifying one honest and dedicated person like you in each constituency to support you for future elections 2014
3. You will get a sweeping majority and you don't need any support from any party,.
4. erradicate corruption and then poverty / Atleast start the race.It may take many years.
5. The world is watching you.I am watching you from Germany

Best of Luck and our good wishes are there with you.
Mr. Sushil Gautam States
Dec 10, 2013
Congratulations to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal on his remarkable victory on Congress and BJP. I am very much impressed with the personality of Kejriwal and very recent would like to join him in keeping Indidia free from crruption. In my opinion today politicians have made it a profession of earning more and more money in very small time and enjoy the position. Nobody care for the country. Now the people like Kejriwal are required for India shining, who wants to invest everything they have for the welfare of the country.
Kejriwal may live long and almighty God may provide him courage and brain to work for India.
Mr. Vinod States
Dec 10, 2013
Dear Sir,
You done perfectly, needed in India at present.
My self Vinod From Rajkot-saurashtra, Gujarat and we all back up you up to mark.
We need this type of momentun in Gujarat also.
Please plan for that.
We will march.

Vinod Kachhadia,
Mr. Rakesh Gupta States
Dec 10, 2013
Arvind ji is an amazing leader who has proved that politics is not meant for only those who come from political background or someone with a goons background. A rigorous & consistent effort by Arvind ji won him Delhi elections with an unprecedented margins. I congratulate him for the way he led his team & won the Vidhansabha elections.
I wish him to emerge as a national leader & play a role on the national platform.

I wish to be a part of his team & do something for my country.

Warm regards,

Rakesh Gupta,
Mr. Bhuwan Sharma States
Dec 10, 2013
Job well done sir system of governance needs change too much of focus of power in politics has led to corruption in politics its time for the decentralisation I also want to join you in this cause if given the opportunity I am 35 year old block development officer in himachal I have been working in state for last six years and watched and observed the system closely closely associated with the people fought for them and luckily got results for them but yes the system has to change.if of any help my address is Dr bhuwan sharma B.D.O kandaghat distt solan himachal Pradesh.
Dec 11, 2013
Respected Sir,
Heartily congrats for your Grand Success of Delhi

I have request you to BJP is better than Congress so
you can collaboration with BJP because Am Janata
Required stable govt. & not Re-election.

I think it is best decision for future success of
AAJ Party. Think Good-Better-Best.

Sachin Patil,
Kolhapur Maharastra
Cell : 9545737393.
Mr. pankaj yadav States
Jan 02, 2014
Grand salute for kejrival ji. Good work for aam public.
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